Aeration & Fumigation


Silo Aeration is designed to ensure that silo stored grain remains low in temperature, low in moisture, and low in insect and mould activity. Grain stored in silos isn’t always below the recommended moisture level. Aeration uses fans and ducting to blow outside (ambient) air through the grain to keep cool. 

Aeration assists grain quality and fumigation in a silo by;

  • Reducing mould 
  • Reducing insect development
  • Reducing grain temperature through aeration cooling
  • Increasing storage longevity

How it works

The aeration fan works by creating a current that circulates through the grain, which in turn has the ability to cool the grain. Aeration cooling allows for longer-term storage or low moisture grain by creating desirable conditions for the grain. 

When ordering a silo with aeration, we send you a specific silo design plan to ensure your aeration is positioned where you require it.  

Fumigation systems

Fumigation in a sealed, gas tight silo is designed to hold a lethal concentration of phosphine gas to control insects at all stages of their life cycle. HE Silos Gunnedah offers a variety of fumigation systems to suit your budget and requirements.

Fan-forced fumigation

HE Silos Gunnedah’s fan-forced fumigation system enhances the longevity of grain storage, ultimately helping farmers increase their bottom line and improve on-farm safety.

Using a fan-forced fumigation system is an efficient and easier way to fumigate your silos at ground level. The system works by circulating air inside the silo from the aeration fan for an even and consistent dose of Phosphine gas. Recirculation of phosphine gas within the silo controls pests at all life stages, thus reducing the impact of insect pests on grain quality.  

Included in the fan-forced fumigation is a one-piece, heavy-duty galvanized pipe fitted from roof to bottom barrel on the silo connected to aeration fan and sealed tray box for Phosphine tablets.      


Phosbox is a great option for the safe use of phosphine tables at ground level. The steel box includes a tray to hold up to 600 phosphine tablets and is fitted to the silo cone. The Phosbox is fully sealed and has a perforated end. 


Phostube is a great budget option for the safe handling of phosphine tablets at ground level. The PVC Phostube holds up to 100 phosphine tablets and is fitted to the silo bottom barrel, just above the cone. HE Silos Gunnedah uses silo sealing and waterproofing for Phosboxes and Phostubes.        

Please get in touch with our friendly staff for more information about our aeration and fumigation systems. 

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