Bulk On-Site Storage

HE Silos Gunnedah offers a range of Flat Bottom and Cone Elevated silo models for clients who require large capacity storage. Our large capacity silos are constructed onsite by our own experienced team. HE Silos Gunnedah prides itself on the quality of our products and being Australian made and owned.


Features and inclusions

  • Ranging from 225 – 1000 Tonnes
  • Conforms to Work Cover Safety Regulations
  • Ladders and cages
  • Remote opening lid
  • One sight glass
  • 10” underfloor auger
  • 8” hydraulic sweep
  • Reo bar and mesh


Features and inclusions

  • Ranging from 140 – 500 Tonnes
  • Conforms to Work Cover Safety Regulations
  • Sealed Silos conform to Australian Standard AS 2628
  • Ladders and cages
  • Remote opening lid
  • One sight glass
  • Sealed and unsealed

Optional extras

  • Aeration
  • Fumigation piping systems
  • Additional sight glasses
  • Custom design available
  • 12” underfloor auger
  • 10” hydraulic sweep

Silo specifications


ModelCubic MetreTonnes (Approx.)HeightDiameterAuger LengthConcrete (Approx.)Crusher Dust (Approx.)
FB 225T2832258.4m7.5m(52’) 16.20m9.5m³12m³
FB 270T3402709.5m7.5m(60’) 18.30m9.5m³12m³
FB 315T39731510.65m7.5m(63’) 19.20m9.5m³12m³
FB 440T5404409.8m9.4m(65’) 20.00m14m³15m³
FB 500T63051310.95m9.4m(68’) 21.00m14m³15m³
FB 600T72059012.10m9.4m(72’) 22.00m14m³15m³
FB 1000T1238100014.50m11.23m(79’) 24.00m20m³20m³


ModelCubic MetreTonnes (Approx.)HeightDiameterAuger LengthCone DegreeCone to GroundConcrete (Approx.)
140T1711409.55m5.6m(60’) 18.30m35°700mm7m³
190T2311909.7m6.5m(60’) 18.30m35°700mm7m³
260T32026010.35m7.5m(65’) 20.00m35°700mm12m³
305T37730511.50m7.5m(73’) 22.00m35°700mm12m³
500T63050013.50m9.4m(75’) 23.00m35°700mm26m³

Construction phases

Once we have pre-fabricated the silo roofs, wall sheets and bases we will be ready to install your new silos on-site. Weather always plays a large role in the completion date and must be taken into account. Before we start, we will need a solid foundation to build on.


We advise and recommend all customers consult with a structural engineer regarding their foundations. Foundations are not covered by warranty and it is imperative to get this right. In most cases, sites will need to be excavated and road base and crusher dust laid to ensure minimal movement post-construction. We will not proceed with a job if we deem the foundations to be insufficient.

Concrete and crane hire

All quotes and prices are less concrete, concreter and crane hire. Concrete and crane hire will need to be organised ahead of time and pre booked with your nearest supplier so they are ready for the day. Please note: Flat bottom silos do not require crane hire. If you require any recommendations for concreters please contact our friendly staff of 1300 764 700.