Kit Silos

HE Silos Gunnedah have a range of of 6 kit silos with models ranging from 61 – 190 Tonnes. Kit silos offer our clients a quality, long lasting cheaper alternative for storage.

Freight costs can often be a large component for our clients who live in remote areas or locations that are heavily monitored with oversized road restrictions. Our kit silos are aimed to help reduce the cost associated with freight and the construction component.

Dealer enquiries welcomed


  • Kit Silos are easy bolt together assembly
  • Construction manual supplied
  • Construction team can be supplied for additional costs
  • Kit silos can be loaded onto a car trailer
  • Kit silos can be custom designed

Kit silos include

  • One sight glass
  • Remote opening lids
  • Ladders and cages
  • Manhole

Optional extras

  • Sealing kit
  • Aeration
  • Sealed bagging chute

Silo specifications

ModelTonnes (Approx.)HeightDiameterCone DegreeCone to Ground