Transportable Silos

HE Silos have been manufacturing grain storage products since 1969. We have a large understanding of client’s requirements, and we are committed to provide quality products that are built to last our Australian environment.

Please call our friendly staff or use our website enquiry form for a quote.


  • Ranging from 4 – 120 Tonne capacity
  • Delivered and installed ready to use
  • Silos sealed gas tight complying with Australian standard AS2628
  • Zincalume barrel and roofs and galvanized support structure
  • All models can be custom designed to suit your specific needs
  • Covered by HE Silos Gunnedah 5 year warranty

Safety features and inclusions

  • Sight glasses x 2 in top and bottom barrels to indicate level of grain in silo
  •  Safety ladders and cages that comply with Australian Standard AS1657
  • Slide ladder that lock into place above ground to prevent accessibility to children and visitors
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Ground opening lid
  • Manhole in base
  • Optional aeration and fumigation systems (please refer to our AERATION & FUMIGATION page)

Sealed, gas tight silos

Sealed silos, otherwise known as gas tight silos, are recommended for long term storage of grain.

Sealed silos are a controlled atmosphere that acts as fumigation chambers for effective control of insects at all life stages. A silo is only truly sealed if it passes a five-minute half-life pressure test according to the Australian Standard AS2628. A silo that does not meet the standard will allow gas to leak out. The concentration of fumigant will be reduced, and there is a chance of insect survival.

HE Silos Gunnedah ensures it has met and exceeded Australian Standard AS 2628 of sealed silos. This is done throughout the manufacturing process by:

  • Ensuring all seams and joins are sealed both inside and out
  • Rubber Seals made of high density on all openings
  • Pressure relief oil valve
  • Ability to pressure test your silo onsite
  • Silos are pressure tested before leaving our factory

Silo Specifications

ModelCubicHeightTonnes (Approx.)AugerDiameterCone DegreeCone To Ground
1505.53.6m4.46.0m (19’)1.8m30°600mm
30010.54.0m8.76.7m (21’)2.4m45°500mm
300E10.54.5m8.77.2m (23’)2.4m45°1000mm
42015.34.8m128.0m (26’)2.4m45°500mm
420E15.35.3m128.5m (28’)2.4m45°1000mm
51018.55.6m14.88.8m (29’)2.4m45°500mm
510E18.56.1m14.89.3m (31’)2.4m45°1000mm
75027.35.7m239.0m (30’)3.0m30°500mm
94032.74.9m27.59.0m (30’)3.7m30°500mm
120041.45.7m359.8m (32’)3.7m30°500mm
1500506.5m4011.0m (36)3.7m30°500mm
170058.77.3m5012.2m (42’)3.7m30°500mm
2000646.0m5511.0m (36’)4.5m30°500mm
2800907.6m7513.7m (45’)4.5m30°500mm
36001188.7m10016.7m (55’)4.75m30°550mm
39601329.5m11018.3m (60’)4.75m30°550mm
432014410.3m12020.0m (65’)4.75m30°550mm

Tonnes are approximate and based on wheat at 820kg per cubic metre with a 5% compaction.

What’s involved when I purchase a transportable silo from HE Silos Gunnedah?

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    Begin ordering process

    Contact our team on 1300 764 700 for a quote or fill out the quote enquiry form  for our sales team to provide you with the best price and advice for your specific needs.

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    Order confirmation

    Once you have accepted your quote our team will email through all relevant documents for your silo order including silo design, foundation guide, silo operation manual and your 20% deposit invoice.

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    Prepare foundation

    We provide you with silo foundation guide only as we do recommend you consult a structural engineer for your soil requirements. Prior to the silo delivery your concrete foundation must be ready.

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    You will receive our standard silo design but if you have specific requirements, our draftsman can design to your exact needs. Once the silo design is approved our manufacturing team get to work.

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    Our team is ready to delivery your silo on your designated delivery date. When we arrive to site we have all the equipment needed for the install.  Once we leave the site your silo is ready to be used.