Portable Field Bins

HE Silos Gunnedah’s field bins provide short-term storage and the versatility of mobility during peak times of productivity. Our quality field bins have two ground opening doors located on either side of the roof for ease of one person operation.


  • 20, 30 & 40 Tonne sizes available
  • 30 Tonne superphosphate (fertilisers) silos
  • Delivered and ready to use
  • Adjustable wheel assembly for lifting and lowering
  • Zincalume barrel and roofs and galvanized support structure
  • Covered by HE Silos Gunnedah 5 year warranty


  • Sight glasses x 2 under each door
  • Brand new tyres and rims
  • Auger boot or cut-off slide
  • Large side door openings
  • Superphosphate field bin coated with 2 part epoxy resin to protect corrosion

Silo specifications

ModelTonnes (Approx.)Fill HeightOverall HeightDiameterCone DegreeCone To Ground
20T Side Fill Field Bin 24.3202.9m4.0m3.7m30°Auger Boot
30T Side Fill Field Bin37303.1m4.2m4.5m30°Auger Boot
30T Superphosphate Side Fill Field Bin37303.4m4.7m4.5m40°Cut off slide

What’s involved when I purchase a field bin from HE Silos Gunnedah?

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    Begin ordering process

    Contact our team on 1300 764 700 for a quote or fill out the quote enquiry form  for our sales team to provide you with the best price and advice for your specific needs.

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    Order confirmation

    Once you have accepted your quote our team will email through all relevant documents for your silo order including silo operation manual and your 20% deposit invoice.

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    Our manufacturing team get to work to build your order.

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    Our team is ready to delivery your silo on your designated delivery date. When we arrive to site we have all the equipment needed for the install.  Once we leave the site your silo is ready to be used.